We're with you every step of the way.

Our role is to deal with the many details and eliminate the surprises that can commonly disrupt a project. Besides utilizing a unique construction management process, which includes direct billing to subcontractors so homeowners can clearly track spending, Schlesinger Development provides the following:

Pre-Construction Phase Services:
 • Provide preliminary evaluation (for Architect and Owner)
  - includes creation of budget and project schedule to meet owners specific needs.
 • Prepare and present estimated cost of construction
 • Advise Architect
  - propose site use and selection of materials to best suit budgetary needs.
  - inform of availability of materials/labor
  - notify of time requirements for procurement, installation and overall construction
 • Discuss design details with Architect that might affect cost or schedule
 • Make recommendations regarding temporary project facilities as needed such as parking,    storage of materials, portable bathrooms, telephone, electric, water, etc.
 • Prepare project schedule
 • Prepare/organize list of prospective subcontractors to provide bids.
  - includes submitting appropriate drawings/information to subcontractors for accurate bidding.
  - making recommendations to architect/owner regarding accepting or rejecting bids
 • Assist owner in selection of consultants and testing labs if needed
 • Prepare construction contracts
 • Update project schedules as needed
 • Assist architect in obtaining building permits

Construction Phase Services Include But Are Not Limited To:
 • Hold pre-construction conference if needed
 • Remind subcontractors of their safety responsibility
 • Return subcontractors copy of construction contract with ok to proceed
 • Order materials and equipment
 • Schedule all subcontractors with appropriate lead time
 • Conduct weekly progress meetings with architect and owner invited to attend
  - keep agenda of meetings including who attends, updates, work for next 2 weeks,
    discuss any construction/coordination issues as needed
 • Process applications for payment
 • Consistently update project schedule
 • Provide all onsite supervision
 • Assist owner with receiving, storing and installing owner-purchased equipment/furnishings
 • Prepare final punch list
 • Conduct final inspection with Architect/Owner
 • Secure warranties and guarantees for Owner
 • Review final applications for payments to subcontractors and submit to owner for payment.

 A Dedication To Excellence.